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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. However, if you have any further questions, please contact us on 1300 888 158 or simply send us an email on info@idrive.net.au. We provide 24/7 support to our customers.

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What is idrive Secure Offsite Backup?

idrive Secure Offsite Backup is a reliable online backup and restore service. idrive safeguards your critical data in case of system crash by automatically backing it up.

Customization options include the provision to modify your backup set and its schedule, reporting options and more. Data is transferred and stored using 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers. This ensures data is safe and secure.

The graphical interface makes it easy to navigate through the application. Key features include bandwidth throttle, data compression and incremental backups that ensure fast backups, restore of previous versions of files, archive clean up and open/locked file and mapped drive backup among others.

You can backup data from multiple computers to a single idrive account

How does idrive Secure Offsite backup work? Do I have to copy my files somewhere to keep them backed up online?

Absolutely not.

You don’t have to do any copying or moving of files/data. After an initial configuration, your data is automatically and continuously backed up.
In general, getting started with an online backup service looks like this:

1) Purchase an online backup plan
2) Install the provided software on your computer
3) Select which drives, folders, and/or files you want to keep backed up.

You only do the above once! After the initial upload, changes to data you’ve selected, as well as new data added to locations you’ve selected, are all backed up automatically and, with most online backup services, almost instantly.

What is the difference between idrive and services like Google Drive?

Scheduled automatic and incremental backup is the big differentiating factor between online (like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.) and idrive Secure Backup. See comparison below

idrive Google Backup and Sync
Multiple device back Yes Yes
Prісіng рlаnѕ dо nоt limit the numbеr of devices уоu can bасkuр Yes Yes
оffеrѕ mаnу scalable ѕtоrаgе рlаnѕ at reasonable prices Yes No
Uрgrаdіng уоur plan is еаѕу аnd can bе done аnу tіmе Yes Yes
Dаtа іѕ secured wіth a 256-bіt AES military grade еnсrурtіоn durіng trаnѕfеr аnd ѕtоrаgе Yes No
As an added security mеаѕurе lосаl drіvе bасkuр орtіоn is available Yes No
Support dіѕk іmаgе bасkuрѕ Yes No
Supports Snapshot-based restore Yes No
Incremental backup Yes No
Server backup
(SQL, Exchange, Oracle, SharePoint)
Yes No
Schedule backup Yes No
Local backup / restore Yes No
Disk image backup Yes No
File version restore Yes Yes

Is online backup better than backing up to an external hard drive at home?

The one clear advantage that idrive secure offsite backup has over local backup is that your data is stored away from home or office, meaning that your important data is free from local disasters like fires and floods that could impact your external hard drive, optical discs, or other local backup destinations or media.

Having your data stored in a physically secure, enterprise-grade data center also means that it’s protected from theft as well as most common hardware failures.

With all of the security concerns and service fees adding up over time, surely backing up locally is better, right?

While local backup may have an advantage or two over online backup, overall the benefits of backing up using a reputable online backup service outweigh the negatives, at least for most people in most situations.

I do not have that many important files. Is remote storage services still important?

Of course. It does not matter how many files you have on your computer’s hard drive. It depends on how important those files are to you. If you take the time to store the data on your personal computer, then it is important to backup those files.

What happens if I lose my encryption key?

idrive does not store customer encryption keys. Only you will know and be able to access your encryption passphrase. If you forget your passphrase, you will not be able to restore data from your backups. It is imperative for this reason that you store your password safely.

When I use a remote backup service for my entire system, can I restore everything if my computer fails?

Absolutely Yes.

idrives Windows System backup software ensures the protection of entire Windows server environment. idrives Windows System Backup Module in conjunction with idrive ONE-PLUS™ and A-CLICK™ client-side backup application is able to perform bare-metal backup of the entire Windows System. In case the Windows crashed, one is able to restore the backed up Windows to a dissimilar machine (bare-metal restore) with idrive ONE-PLUS™ and A-CLICK™.

Will my hard drive really fail?

All computer hard drives will eventually fail mostly within the first two years of operation.

When your hard drive does eventually fail you risk losing all the information that was stored on your computer. Restoration of a crashed hard drive that has not been properly backed up can be very expensive without guaranteed results of restoring your photos, digital music and other important documents.

In addition to hardware failure, you may also lose files if your computer is stolen or you accidentally permanently erase important files. In those cases you have no way to restore your files unless you have been consistently backing them up.

What will idrive do for me?

idrive is a fully managed and monitored secure offsite backup solution that relieves you of the burden of day-to-day backup administration, along with associated hardware and media costs.

We monitor your backups daily for problems or missed backup and inform you of potential issues on your server or network.

How do I know my data are being backed up?

Our technical staff monitors and manages the entire backup process. If a backup fails or is missed, or there is an unusual activity, we alert you (if necessary) and resolve the situation. You will also receive a daily backup report from idrive.

Can anyone besides me access my idrive backup data?

To protect data from prying eyes, encryption is required. Encryption happens in two forms: during transfer from a computer to the cloud and encryption of the actual data stored on the cloud.

What is encryption and how does it secure my data?

Encryption formats data into a secret code, the most effective way to secure your data. To read the data you must have a decryption key or password. No one but only you have the access to the password or encryption key.

What if I have large data and slow internet?

Initial backup of your data can take a long time. If you need to upload a large about of data we will send out an encrypted drive for an initial seed-load to speed up the set-up process. The backup is scheduled at a time that suits you and idrive Technical Support Team will work closely with you and your team.

Once this initial backup is complete, each subsequent backup is done on an incremental basis. This means that prior to each backup taking place, your data is analysed and only the data that has changed or been updated will be backup up. This makes the process faster and smoother for the end user.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery enables you to continue working after any number of catastrophic problems, ranging from computer virus, sabotage, ransomware attack and or natural disaster.

Do I need Disaster Recovery?

The key question is “How long will my business operate without having access to files, database, accounting data?” If these files/data is critical for your day to day business operations then the answer is YES.

About idrive

Established in Sydney, Australia in early 2000, idrive has been providing Australians with a simple and easy to use online data back-up solution. Our entry level backup customer in the start-up phase was 50MB, and our biggest backup customer was 500MB.


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